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Sparco Extrema RS-10 Suits

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By Sparco

Sparco Extrema RS-10 Suit

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  • Sparco Extrema RS-10 Suit - Black
  • Sparco Extrema RS-10 Suit - Red
  • Sparco Extrema RS-10 Suit - White
  • Sparco Extrema RS-10 Suit - Red
  • Sparco Extrema RS-10 Suit - Red
  • Sparco Extrema RS-10 Suit - Red
  • Sparco Extrema RS-10 Suit - Red
  • Sparco Extrema RS-10 Suit - Red
  • Sparco Extrema RS-10 Suit - Red
  • Sparco Extrema RS-10 Suit




Sparco is proud to introduce EXTREMA RS-10, the first fireproof suit in the world with a unique "multi-layer fabric" instead of the classic layers present in all today's standard suits.


A single fabric for a unique suit.

From Sparco R&D department it comes the EXTREMA RS-10, a revolutionary combination of different materials that, after the weaving, appear in a single solution.

The EXTREMA RS-10 racing suit is the natural evolution of the SUPERLEGGERA RS-9 racing suit: it was presented in 2011 as the world's lightest racing suit (800 grams only) over the years has been long studied in order to be able to "take a racing suit to the extreme". It took 3 years research to finish the concept of the EXTREMA RS-10, a single fabric woven texture consisting of an external part of a 110 gr/sqm, another woven “honeycomb” very breathable, plus two internal canvas to wide plot. These last two canvasses work as an air chamber and the weight is 50% less than the lining of the Sparco Superleggera RS-9 racing suit.


Benefits of EXTREMA RS-10

The first benefits are as follows:

  • More breathable than the standard suits: through the new fabric, breathability can be up to 300% more than the normal standard suits.
  • More comfort with thinner fabric. The feeling isn’t wearing a classic racing suit, but a real second skin thanks to the qualities of this new fabric that slips on the underwear without any friction.
  • Invariance weight: racing suits are subject to weight variability depending on the atmospheric conditions: different humidity, temperature, air and sun. The EXTREMA RS-10 is not subject to thickness variation because the fabrics are pre-compressed during manufacture to a standard and controlled thickness
  • Wherever you are, whatever the conditions of the race, your new EXTREMA RS-10 will give you the maximum performance.
  • More protection: the 3 layers of the traditional standard suits, during the heat transmission test, create an air chamber, in the middle of the interspace between the various layers: thanks to the new single fabric, the suit inflates more because its honeycomb structure ensures superior performance heat between 10 and 12% more than the normal standard suits. The reason for this performance? EXTREMA RS-10 has an original Nomex fabric of the highest quality for a not comparable protection.


Microcapsules: minimum space, maximum benefit

All racing suits have a delimited areas by quilting that, during the trial by fire, bloat the sandwich, providing fire protection to the driver.

The suit EXTREMA RS-10 breaks down these schemes with a revolutionary solution: the internal of this suit is built as an "honeycomb" allowing you to have thousands of safety microcapsules. In the standard suits there are about 100 macro-grids in 1 square meter (in a 52 size suit there are about 300 macro-grids) while the EXTREMA RS-10 there are over 22 thousand microcapsules in 1 square meter, or about 66,5 thousand in a 52 size suit. All these microcapsules offer complete protection from fire in over 66,5 thousand different points of the body, not only in the 300 points as standard suit. We can therefore say that EXTREMA RS-10 is not only synonymous with comfort and lightness but also remarkable security.


Second skin? Yes

Sparco engineers have managed to make the fabric of the suit EXTREMA RS-10 much thinner than any other material of traditional racing suits. This revolutionary suit has a taylor made fit and comfort.

Try it once to realize that the revolution in racing suits is underway; tailoring is not only comfort, even the details of the seam (on request) can be brought to view (ie with external seams) for maximum feel and not having any kind of friction inside the suit. Last concept in comfort phase: a single label as a whole. All the standard suit have many labels near the zip. The design of the EXTREMA RS-10 has a single solution.


A world of colours and details.

EXTREMA RS-10 has a hinge single cursor - weight 50% less compared to a traditional zip: the zip was brought to 3 mm metal teeth instead of 5 mm, flatter than a conventional zip, then more comfortable in driving phase.

Moreover, the suit can be 100% printable with more vivid colors of the print used till now due to screen printing to 3 steps (instead of a single step) to make the colors more visible without affecting the breathability of the suit. EXTREMA RS-10 is 100% printable and is synonymous, in addition to more breathability, also of greater comfort than a traditional suit embroidered.


Something more...

  • It takes more than 11.6 kilometers of Nomex yarn to build 1 square meter of EXTREMA RS-10 fabric
  • It is possible to have more than 100 different types of colors to customize the suit of your dreams.
  • Thickness of EXTREMA RS-10 fabric is 0.6 mm: the jumpsuits Top range Sparco are a maximum of 1.6 mm

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SKU 001122***
Brand Sparco
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