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Fikse Wheels

Fikse Wheels on Camaro

425 Motorsports is proud to be a dealer of Fikse wheels. Fikse offers some of the highest quality wheels available today. For product information, wheel pictures, vehicle fitment application, and HERE.

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Fikse Classic Series Fikse Contour Series  Fikse FM10 Wheel Fikse ARO Wheel

About Fikse:

While designing and building championship-winning race wheels is the core of everything we do at Fikse the knowledge that we gain from this is directly translated into our high performance street wheels. Fikse Wheels provide an unmatched advantage on the track and street: lightweight components, superior strength and stiffness, combined with ease of serviceability all combine to make Fikse Wheels the choice of champions and enthusiasts alike.

Fikse has supplied teams in the Grand American Rolex Sports Car Series, Grand American Koni Challenge, American Le Mans, Speed World Challenge, the FIA Sports Car Series, and others around the world.

Winner of the Daytona Championships in: 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007.

Fikse Wheels. Artfully Designed. Precision Engineered. Made in North America since 1992.


Championship wins and other podium placements:

  • Winner of the Daytona Championships
  • Grand American Rolex Sports Car Series
  • Grand American Koni Challenge
  • American Le Mans
  • Speed World Challenge
  • the FIA Sports Car Series
  • and others around the world.

Fikse Wheels on Porsche Race Car