425 motorsports sits down with Travis to find out where his passion for racing came from! 

"We are excited to sponsor Travis. We see a ton of potential."-Dan Reiss, 425 Motorsports Owner



Age : 23 years old

City : Everett WA

Track : Evergreen Speedway

Favorite : Chicken Parmesan 

Hobbie : Surfing

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  • How long have you been involved in the racing industry and how did you get your start? This season (2012) was actually the first season I have driven competitively. I started drifting when I was 16yrs old. I saved up my money and bought a $500 automatic sr5 AE86 corolla. I would drive around back roads and rip the e brake around corners! I changed to different models of cars throughout the years but always had a blast sliding back roads with friends.


  • What car do you race and what events in the NW or USA do you participate in?
    I drive an 1984 AE86 with a rag blacktop 20v swap. (possibly going with a different motor setup for 2013)  I drove the Grassroots series at Evergreen Speedway this season and am hoping to have my car 5/8ths legal for next season so I can drive pro-am!


  • What tip would you give someone who is thinking about or has recently started racing? If had to give someone a tip who was thinking about getting into drifting I would have to recommend starting out in a lower powered car and working your way up to more power. I think that starting out in a underpowered car you are forced to learn different techniques that if you drove a higher horse power car you may not have learned, it also helps you to really learn to push the limits of your car and your motor setup.


  • What is your most memorable track day or event? My most memorable track day has to be EVD80, this years final round for the grassroots championship competition. Not only was it my first podium finish but it was an awesome day all together. Everyone was pushing their skills to the limits and it made for some amazing battles!


  • If you could ride along with an racer who would it be? Why? If I could take a ride along with any driver in the world I would have to pick Katsuhiro Ueo. He is not only one of the worlds best AE86 drivers but he is also someone I have looked up to since I was young.