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Toyota 50 Million for Safety Research

"Early in 2010, a number of safety-related recalls and the unintended-acceleration crisis found Toyota Motor Corp. president Akio Toyoda testifying to the U.S. Congress. Toyoda admitted his company’s practice of making decisions about recalls and other safety concerns only in Japan had contributed to a culture of ignoring customer input that may have prevented some of the problems. Toyoda said he said he would insist on a new culture of “customer safety first,” and pledged to create an automotive center of excellence in the U.S. dedicated to improving safety."

Article Courtesy Of: Auto Observer

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Toyota offers back-seat passengers a new Window to the World

Everywhere we look we're surrounded by "smart" technology embedded into everyday items. Refrigerators have built-in televisions and internet connections, while our phones contain more computing power than a NASA control room from the '70s. Automakers are also ready to ride the tech-train to tomorrow, and Toyotahas provided a glimpse of a new way to give passengers a window to the world.

A car already has such a window, but what if the glass was able to provide both information of the world outside and an interactive tool to view it. Engineers and designers from Toyota Motor Europe and the Copenhagen Instituted of Interaction Design have begun thinking about the future, and it could feature a rather unique option for the rear windows. Touch-screen glass would allow one to see how far objects lie in the distance, pinch to zoom on an area outside and to generally learn more about what's going on outside.

It's called the Window to the World concept, and you can experience it by watching the video after the jump

News Source: YouTube

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