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"Sean is driven to reach his goals & he possesses a passion for motorsports that few do". ~ Andrew Landau -Sales Executive 425 motorsports

Full Name: Sean Winkler 

**Long Answer:

 Sean Thomas Michael Winkler 

Yes, I really have two middle names...But, Sean Winkler works just fine. 
Age: 31
City: Edmonds, Wa

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Arai Helmet-GP-6 PED SAH-2010


Arai Helmet GP-6 PED SAH2010 provides the latest incarnation of the iconic Arai GP Series using the same shell shape as the Arai GP-6 RC Formula 1 Helmet. The helmet is constructed using Arai's PBcLc (Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate construction). The shell has been strengthened to allow for an extremely soft EPS liner for more comfort and better impact energy management.(Factory installed threaded inserts for hans Posts and FIA sticker certification).

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Ferrari Enzo Crashes Into Lake

This video cracked us up at 425 we love the guy who calls this a "boo-boo"...yeah no spiderman band aid would make a 1.5 million dollar boo-boo ok with us!!

$1.5 million Ferrari Enzo crashes into Canadian lake

"A rare custom Ferrari Enzo (itself already more rare than steak tartare) — claimed to be the world's fastest — crashed into a Canadian lake earlier today as part of the Targa Newfoundland race. No word on any injuries, but the doors are open so that's a good sign."


"The drivers of the car were competing in a stage of the 1,300-mile Targa Newfoundland rally race today when the Enzo lost control and pulled a Bugatti Veyron lake crash by flying into the body of water pictured."


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Colin Mcrae A legend Remembered

Let Us Take A Moment

425 Motorsports would like to remember a great legend today. Colin Mcrae lost his life in 2007 in a tragic helicopter crash. The story is heartbreaking and we would like to show our respect to his family and friends by dedicating today's blog to Colin on the Anniversary of his passing. You were a great legend, a great husband and father...may you rest in peace.

"The Scot’s name is legendary in the world of motorsport. A spectacular, flamboyant and totally committed driving style brought him to the attention of Motorsport enthusiasts at an early age and there was to be no denying the natural talent that ultimately rewarded him with the title of Britain’s first World Rally Champion in 1995 and an MBE from The Queen for his outstanding achievement." 

Article courtesy of:Colin Mcrae Website

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Rear Access Helmet

voztec rear access helmet

"Basic helmet design has come a long way since... wait, no it hasn't. Sure, Snell ratings change every few years as our understanding of head trauma increases, but the basic skull bucket remains pretty much the same as it has for decades."

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High Price Toys...

Some guys get all the dough & all the luck. We however would not have a garage shaped like a each his own. Interesting Article.

"Bloomberg is reporting that the sale of high-end and exotic cars in countries like the United Arab Emiratesmay swell by as much as 20 percent this year. The reason? Civilized countries just can't seem to kick their thirst for gasoline, and as a result, the price of a barrel of crude oil continues to hover at around $100 per barrel. All that cash is flowing straight into the bank accounts of aristocrats like Sheikh Hamad, who happens to own over 200 vehicles housed in a pyramid-shaped garage. Among his collection are a 16-foot-tall Dodge Power Wagon and what Bloomberg calls a "see-through disco car."

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Tanner Foust European Rally Cross Championship Round 4

Foust Round 4 European Rallycross Championship

425 Motorsports sends our Congrats to Tanner Foust who represented America well in the 4th Round of the European Rallycross Championship. Way to give em' Hell...well you know what we mean. 


"HELL, NORWAY (JUNE 26, 2011) - Rockstar Energy Drink Driver Tanner Foust once again put on a spectacular show for fans of the European Rallycross Championship at Round 4 in Hell, Norway.

The American driver set top times and was the fastest in the third qualifying heat to best hometown favorite -- and defending champion -- Sverre Isachsen.

The series visited a new track for this round, Lånkebanen at Hell, near Trondheim. Featuring huge elevation changes and a turn similar to Laguna Seca's famed "Corkscrew," the pressure was on for strong, technical driving.

"Its one of the most fun tracks in the series," said Foust. "But difficult for passing."


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Sob Story for Saab?


Following car companies to see if they will stay afloat during economic hardships is something that we like to keep on top of at 425. We watched the US auto industry receive a $25 billion dollar loan in 2008. Who were the main beneficiaries of this monstrous bailout? GM,Ford and Chrysler received the most help. They held their heads above water and are still around today. But,will Sweden be able to pull Saab out of the murky waters? 



"STOCKHOLM -- Crisis-hit car maker Saab has struck a $40 million deal to sell and lease back property in an effort to improve its ailing finances that have forced it to halt production and withhold workers' salaries.

If approved by Swedish and European regulators, Tuesday's property deal could help Saab ease a severe cash shortage that has pushed the loss-making Swedish brand closer to bankruptcy. However, Saab's future remains in doubt as it needs a lot more funding to stay afloat long term.

The announcement from Saab owner Swedish automobile, a Dutch company previously known as Spyker Cars, comes a day after a euro13 million ($18.4 million) car order from an unnamed Chinese company.

The deals have helped ease fears that the company was facing bankruptcy within days or weeks. That showed through in another 11 percent rise in Swedish Automobile's share price to euro1.17 ($1.66) on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

Despite the deals, analysts cautioned about the Saab brand's future.

Tom Muller, an analyst at Theodoor Gilissen in Amsterdam, said Saab needs something in the region of $70 million to $140 million in the next six months to stay afloat and convince suppliers to start delivering parts again.

"I'm not sure they will be able to have a solid financial base," said Muller, who is not related to the CEO of Swedish Automobile, Victor Muller.

He added that most of the money Saab has managed to raise in the immediate term will be used to pay back debt it has already accumulated.

Under the terms of the property deal, Saab owner Swedish Automobile is selling 50.1 percent of the shares in the unit to a consortium led by Swedish real estate company Hemfosa. The buyers also have the option to buy additional shares in the property business for another 45 million kronor ($7 million).

The unit owns the Saab factory in Trollhattan in southwestern Sweden, where production has been at a standstill for months because Saab hasn't been able to pay suppliers.

Swedish Automobile said it aims to enter a 15-year lease agreement so that Saab can continue to use the property.

"Our next step will be to reach an agreement with our suppliers so that we can get our material and resume production," Saab spokeswoman Gunilla Gustavs said.


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Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Talk about an amazing scenic drive....WOW!!

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