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Michelle Miller-425 Motorsports Sponsored Driver in Motion

Michelle Miller-425 Motorsports Sponsored Driver

· Full Name:  Michelle Miller

· Age: 37

· City: Federal Way, WA

· Fav Course to Race or Dream of Racing:  There are so many! I would love to drive the ring, Circuit of the Americas, VIR. It would also be pretty neat to get on some European Rally roads.

· Fav food: Pretty much anything, I love food. (We knew we liked this gal.)

· Hobby other than racing: Cooking, gardening, hanging out with my husband, Chris, and my dog, Chelsy.


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Nikki Elin-425 Motorsports Sponsored Driver

"...rememeber that the best modification to any car is the driver."

  • Full Name: Nikki Elin

  • Age: 29

  • City: Bothell, WA

  • Fav Course to Race or Dream of Racing: Who wouldn't want to put in a few laps at the Nurburgring? But realistically I'd love to eventually make it out to The Ridge or down to a couple tracks in CA such as Laguna Seca, Buttonwillow etc.

  • Fav food: Tacos!

  • Hobby other than racing: Travel, snowboarding, backpacking, horses


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    Arai Helmet-GP-6 PED SAH-2010


    Arai Helmet GP-6 PED SAH2010 provides the latest incarnation of the iconic Arai GP Series using the same shell shape as the Arai GP-6 RC Formula 1 Helmet. The helmet is constructed using Arai's PBcLc (Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate construction). The shell has been strengthened to allow for an extremely soft EPS liner for more comfort and better impact energy management.(Factory installed threaded inserts for hans Posts and FIA sticker certification).

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    Are you just starting out? Or Need some reasonably priced racing gear?

    OMP has launched a NEW line called, OMP SPORT. OMP SPORT will get you started or keep you going! This line of race gear was launched to help motorsports enthusiasts stay behind the wheel doing what they love without feeling financially stretched.

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    Ferrari Enzo Crashes Into Lake

    This video cracked us up at 425 we love the guy who calls this a "boo-boo"...yeah no spiderman band aid would make a 1.5 million dollar boo-boo ok with us!!

    $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo crashes into Canadian lake

    "A rare custom Ferrari Enzo (itself already more rare than steak tartare) — claimed to be the world's fastest — crashed into a Canadian lake earlier today as part of the Targa Newfoundland race. No word on any injuries, but the doors are open so that's a good sign."


    "The drivers of the car were competing in a stage of the 1,300-mile Targa Newfoundland rally race today when the Enzo lost control and pulled a Bugatti Veyron lake crash by flying into the body of water pictured."


    Article Courtesy


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    Colin Mcrae A legend Remembered

    Let Us Take A Moment

    425 Motorsports would like to remember a great legend today. Colin Mcrae lost his life in 2007 in a tragic helicopter crash. The story is heartbreaking and we would like to show our respect to his family and friends by dedicating today's blog to Colin on the Anniversary of his passing. You were a great legend, a great husband and father...may you rest in peace.

    "The Scot’s name is legendary in the world of motorsport. A spectacular, flamboyant and totally committed driving style brought him to the attention of Motorsport enthusiasts at an early age and there was to be no denying the natural talent that ultimately rewarded him with the title of Britain’s first World Rally Champion in 1995 and an MBE from The Queen for his outstanding achievement." 

    Article courtesy of:Colin Mcrae Website

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    Rear Access Helmet

    voztec rear access helmet

    "Basic helmet design has come a long way since... wait, no it hasn't. Sure, Snell ratings change every few years as our understanding of head trauma increases, but the basic skull bucket remains pretty much the same as it has for decades."

    Article Courtesy Of:

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    Chevy Runs Deep, for the first 100 years and into the next..


    "The brand was founded in Detroit, in November 1911, by racer Louis Chevrolet and General Motors founder William C. “Billy” Durant, who developed cars that quickly earned reputations for performance, durability and value. Those traits remain at the core of Chevrolet, which is the world’s fourth-largest automotive brand.

    From the very start, Chevrolet brought technology and features typically reserved for more expensive cars to its lineup of affordable cars and trucks. The first Chevrolet — the Series C Classic Six — offered an electric starter and electric headlamps at a time when both were rarities among even luxury cars. In the decades that followed, innovations such as safety glass, fuel injection, anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control systems were used on Chevrolet models at the same time as more expensive vehicles. As one of the largest-selling brands in the industry, Chevrolet’s early adoption of landmark technologies fundamentally changed the way they were applied to new vehicles."



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    We saw this and can not believe how far prototyping has come. The technology behind these automobile part designs is so intricate and the moving parts allow production to speed up because they can use these prototypes to test for failures. What is next...

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    High Price Toys...

    Some guys get all the dough & all the luck. We however would not have a garage shaped like a each his own. Interesting Article.

    "Bloomberg is reporting that the sale of high-end and exotic cars in countries like the United Arab Emiratesmay swell by as much as 20 percent this year. The reason? Civilized countries just can't seem to kick their thirst for gasoline, and as a result, the price of a barrel of crude oil continues to hover at around $100 per barrel. All that cash is flowing straight into the bank accounts of aristocrats like Sheikh Hamad, who happens to own over 200 vehicles housed in a pyramid-shaped garage. Among his collection are a 16-foot-tall Dodge Power Wagon and what Bloomberg calls a "see-through disco car."

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