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"Dani is not only a really down-to-earth and kind young lady but a fierce competitor. I could tell that racing was in her veins." ~ Dan Reiss, CEO of 425 Motorsports

Dani Ferrara

  • Age: 22
  • City: Vancouver, WA
  • Fav Course to Race or Dream of Racing: There are a TON of tracks I would love to race at; I dream of someday taking a road trip all over the country going from track to track. One I definitely want to race in the near future is Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca! 
  • Fav food: Seafood and fruit!
  • Hobby other than racing: I love art, especially painting and drawing. I actually started my own business ( a couple of years ago selling my artwork on shoes and paintings. < WE LIKE THE PLUG :) Savvy Business lady !

    Author: Jaclyn Cochran Britt can be found at Google+

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    Evergreen Speedway 2012 Car Rules

    It is that time of year we all love...and some of you have not even slowed down yet! RACING SEASON is about to explode for 2012!! If you participate at any events at Evergreen Speedway make sure you are informed about any new rules.

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