"Dani is not only a really down-to-earth and kind young lady but a fierce competitor. I could tell that racing was in her veins." ~ Dan Reiss, CEO of 425 Motorsports

Dani Ferrara

  • Age: 22
  • City: Vancouver, WA
  • Fav Course to Race or Dream of Racing: There are a TON of tracks I would love to race at; I dream of someday taking a road trip all over the country going from track to track. One I definitely want to race in the near future is Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca! 
  • Fav food: Seafood and fruit!
  • Hobby other than racing: I love art, especially painting and drawing. I actually started my own business (danibobani.com) a couple of years ago selling my artwork on shoes and paintings. < WE LIKE THE PLUG :) Savvy Business lady !

    Author: Jaclyn Cochran Britt can be found at Google+

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