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Tim Callaway getting his drift on...

"Tim is one of those rare guys that has the heart for this industry. He has cars on the brain 24/7".  ~Owner of 425 Motorsports, Dan Reiss

                                                                                              Just a tid-bit about Tim:

- Full Name: Timothy Callaway
- Age: 31
- City: Aloha
- Fav Course to Race or Dream of Racing: Laguna Seca
- Fav food: Breakfast food! *We like his style, bacon for every meal sounds like the right way to go!! ;)
- Hobby other than racing: Working on cars


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Nikki Elin-425 Motorsports Sponsored Driver

"...rememeber that the best modification to any car is the driver."

  • Full Name: Nikki Elin

  • Age: 29

  • City: Bothell, WA

  • Fav Course to Race or Dream of Racing: Who wouldn't want to put in a few laps at the Nurburgring? But realistically I'd love to eventually make it out to The Ridge or down to a couple tracks in CA such as Laguna Seca, Buttonwillow etc.

  • Fav food: Tacos!

  • Hobby other than racing: Travel, snowboarding, backpacking, horses


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    NecksGen Head & Neck Restraint

    NecksGen Head & Neck Restraint

    New Generation of Safety Equipment...ONLY $599.00!

    NecksGen Head & Neck Restraint Unit
    ONE SIZE - Includes Quick-Release & Hard Mount Helmet Hardware, Flex-Fit Cap, Decal Kit, Patch & Carrying Bag (does not include helmet)

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    America's Car Museum Tacoma Washington


    Were you curious what that "thing" was going up next to the Tacoma Dome?? Well we were and this is what we found out!

    "To hear David Madeira tell it, building a 165,000-square-foot, four-story museum to house the breadth of American automotive history is a solemn task and a mathematical quandary.

    While the gravity of the undertaking may be clear, an answer to the baseline question, “How many cars are we talking about?” is not.

    Mr. Madeira and his team are charged with presenting a private collection that at one time may have contained 3,500 vehicles. But even that number is suspect."


    Courtesy of

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    38 PRO3 cars run in Portland!

    PRO3-BIMART 2011

    Looks Like a fun weekend Guys & Gals!

    PRO3 had a successful weekend July 24 running as a support race for the Bi-MART 125 NASCAR race weekend at Portland Int'l Raceway. You'll see some of these show up in the BMWCCA Roundel this Fall.  Roundel Motorsport Editor Brian Morgan is setting aside some space for a race report and pictures of this event. Probably the October issue.

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    Oakley and OneSight give the gift of sight.


    425 Motorsports would like to applaud the efforts of Oakley & OneSight for giving the gift of sight to those in need. This is an inspiring story that changes our view of Oakley from being a fashion necessity to a brand that means community. 

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