Javier Augustine Cantú-Lucero 


1.   How long have you been racing and when did you get your start?

For the past four years. Initially, my family took me Karting on a cold January weekend. It challenged me out of my skateboard comfort zone. After winning many of the local Karting races, my racing friends referred me to an old Porsche that need definitely needed some TLC.  I am grateful to my family, my supporters, and all the auto professionals who guided me. Many parts and labor hours later, my 1986 Porsche 944 fueled my racing passion at autocross and open track days.  During one of those events, a good friend suggested I check out the Skip Barber Racing School.  

2.    What cars do you race and what events to you participate in throughout the NW or USA?  
My 1986 Porsche 944 is primarily raced in Auto-cross and open track days. My next goal is to be nominated into the Skip Barber Indy Car Academy.


3.    What tip would you give someone who is thinking about or has recently started racing?  

Racing is not just going fast. It requires mental and physical endurance, plus the aptitude to read the track and your competitors.

4.    What is your most memorable track day and why? -

That has to be the very first time I took the Porsche 944 to the Bremerton Motorsports Park. On the autocross course, I remember thinking to myself “ hopefully I don’t get lost”.  Sure enough, on my very first run, I lost my way around the track. Frustrated, but determined and committed to find my way around the next run, I sought help.  An instructor offered me a ride around the course in his Toyota Prius.  Gladly, I accepted his offer and off we went in the hybrid. To my delight, it wasn’t the speed that I enjoyed the most. Rather, it was the good mechanics the instructor instilled in me to make my way around the course, which was memorable then and still resonates today.
5.    What is your advantage behind the wheel? What gives you an edge above the competition? 

My focus is to be a consistent and smart driver. From each race and the competition, I have learned that patience and attack go hand and hand. The timing of when to use either or both changes from race to race.
My edge is twofold: first is my commitment to the corner; and second is my focus in what I want to do on the track no matter what vehicle. This allows me to lay down more consistent laps no matter where the track location.
6.    What are your 3 MUST HAVE's as far as racing products?

 Thanks to the staff at 425, I have learned the importance of using the right racing products. My 3 Must Have’s are the following: 1. Bell Helmet; 2. OMP gloves; and 3. OMP shoes.
7.    If you could be in the passenger seat of any famous racer's car who would it be and why? -

My dream would be to a passenger of Michael Schumacher. He is one of the greatest if not the greatest Formula 1 driver’s in history. His success inspires me, as a young racer, to challenge myself and strive to one day be a great driver like him.