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13 Tips & a great video on the "HOW-TO" of finding an original Porsche 911:

13 Tips To Tell If An Early Porsche 911 Is Original

As values of early 911s continue to soar, originality is more important than ever. However, not all Porsche enthusiasts are experts when it comes to spotting the tells. And while nothing will ever take the place of a good Porsche pre-purchase inspection performed by a knowledgeable expert, the following video provides some valuable tips and tricks. Watch as Kevin Watts, co-owner of Road Scholars, walks us around an original 911 pointing out exactly what he looks for when evaluating a purchase.


What to Look For When Determining Originality Of An Early 911

1. Look at the glass. Make sure it has markings.
2. Look at the trim. Rubber shrinks. This can help to identify original trim pieces
3. Look at the lenses. New reproduction lenses are different colors and won't show much discoloration.
4. Go over paperwork. Look for service history, original window stick, certificate of authenticity, etc.
5. Look at paint on bolts of door hinges. If paint is knocked off you know to ask more questions.
6. Look at the patina of the gas cap. Does it show the wear a Porsche of this age should show?
7. Look at the gas door latch. Does it still have paint? If so, it might be a sign the Porsche has received recent paint work.
8. Peel back the trim and look for paint & tape lines. Original paint won't have them.
9. Look at the strikers on the hood and engine cover. There should be wear.
10. Open the engine compartment and look for patina. The fan is the first thing to check as it receives the most visible wear.
11. Newer Porsche hood crests are copper plated. Older crests were brass so you can look for discoloration.
12. Look for wear on the inside. Even a super low mileage early Porsche should have some wear. Check the passenger seat vs. the driver's seat. The driver's seat should show more wear.
13. Continue to check for little details as the consistent wear should give away the originality.

Kevin's list is by no means comprehensive and it does take a practiced eye to find and see some of the items he mentions. What would you add to this list?