425 Sponsored Driver Chris Miller

"Chris pushes himself to become a better driver each time he gets behind the wheel. He is also one of those people who has FUN out at events. Nice to see him doing something that he is not only good at but puts a big smile on his face!"~ Dan Reiss, CEO-425 Motorsports 


Driver Name:  Chris Miller
Age : 39
City: Federal Way
Fav Course to Race or Dream of Racing:
I would love to hit up VIR
Fav food: Whatever Michelle makes  <Smart Man ;)
Hobby other than racing: Home improvement projects, brewing beer (We would be happy to taste test Chris) and his Koi pond.


 How long have you been involved in the racing industry and how did you get your start? I was involved with a local rotary car club and had built a pretty crazy fuel injected turbocharged first gen RX7,  and one of the local members was always going on about autocross.  So finally Michelle and I went to an autocross novice school and had an amazing experience, all these like-minded enthusiast rallying their cars around the track and having a blast doing it.  I had found my outlet to enjoy all the wrenching I had poured into the RX7.

What car do you race and what events in the NW or USA do you participate in? We just finished racing an Evo IX for the past three season in Street Touring Ultra, and for the next few years we will be racing in the opposite end of the spectrum in a 2011 MINI base hardtop in Street Touring Front, it’s a class made up of fwd economy cars.  This season we will compete for points with SCCA, BSCC, and WWSCC, and running with the Porsche Club for test and tuning.  We will also be towing down to California and Nebraska to compete in the SCCA national tour and solo nationals.  This last fall I picked up a E36 M3 and have been turning that into a track car to run the local HPDE, not only is it a lot of fun to drive the big track, but I feel it is good cross training for autocross.

 What tip would you give someone who is thinking about or has recently started racing?  I know it sounds cliché, but Just Do It.  We only go around this world one time. <SO TRUE...take risks and have some fun! ;)

What is your advantage behind the wheel? What gives you an edge above the competition?  Most folks view autocross as what happens on the course, I try hard to see the whole picture.  The time spent off the track is just as important, researching new tires, dialing in the suspension, dyno tuning, etc.  I research the rule book every season to see what “gifts” the board has given me, and what they may have taken away.  I believe you must keep developing your race car all year and look to other forms of racing for new ideas.

What are your 3 MUST HAVE's as far as racing products?  I used to quietly chuckle when autocrossers put on racing gloves for a sixty second run around the cones, but then I bought a pair for track days and I liked them so much I now use them for those sixty second runs.  Helmets you have to try on, do not buy these online, unless you hate yourself.  I went to 425 and tried on a bunch of different helmets and they all fit a little differently, even though they were “all xl”.  Finally a harness, I wish I had bought one the first day of racing it’s a night and day difference.