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Planted Technology...get PLANTED with seat brackets and side mounts



why planted?  The FAQ’s

  1. Planted vs. the competition?  Planted brackets are stronger! They are made from 3/16th inch steel making the welds stronger and more durable. The Planted bracket will not bend or warp with heat whereas other brands of brackets can be bent by hand.
  2.  Planted Seat brackets work with what aftermarket seats and what makes them so easy to use? Planted brackets are more versatile with predrilled slots for sliders from most major aftermarket seat manufacturers like Sparco, Recaro, OMP, Cobra, Racetech, Status, Corbeau, Bride, Momo, etc. There is also extra material for direct mounting when the driver wishes to eliminate sliders altogether.
  3. It all comes down to price? We agree, and we are sure you will be pleased to know that Planted seat brackets and side mounts are less expensive then most of the competition and in fact when others raised their prices....we didn’t!
  4. Where are these brackets being made? In the good ol’ USA. In fact, Planted is a family owned company and the products are manufactured in Redmond, WA. They are readily available and by purchasing planted you'rehelping local business and the economy. It’s a win-win!