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Who We Are and Where We Came From.


Dan, CEO Owner

Born and raised in Redmond, WA, Dan grew up like most kids with an influence to play soccer, baseball and skiing. However, it wasn't long until Dan gravitated to more alternative sports like skateboarding, BMX riding, snowboarding, cliff jumping and motorcycle riding. Dan graduated from Washington State University where he majored in Communications and minored in Business. He was a dedicated member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, met the girl of his dreams and picked up car restoration as a hobby. For the past 15 years Dan has been in high gear. He built a career in motorsports, got married, has 2 kids and has a passion for life. 

Nails on the Chalkboard: Waste... all types but especially money!

Tickled Pink: Most vehicles, a great game of golf, wife & two kids

Jennifer, CMO Owner

Jennifer graduated from Washington State University in Communications. Went on to manage at the Downtown Seattle Nordstrom, put her degree to use and worked with an amazing team to market one of the largest financial service firms in the Northwest, Kibble & Prentice. From there, married her best friend, have 2 healthy happy children, did a little of this and a little of that. In 2010, launched 425 Motorsports with her husband and a great group of people. To create a company and work with people she believes in and to watch the success and growth of 425 Motorsports everyday is really living the American dream.

Nails on the Chalkboard: The word moist, squeaky windshield wipers and liars.

Tickled Pink: Watching her kids laugh with each other, putting on a new pair of socks, and the smell of a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Jeff-Sales Executive at 425 Motorsports

Jeff, COO

Jeff was born and raised in the Redmond area and attended college at The University of Washington where he majored in Economics and lived in a fraternity house lovingly referred to as the Shoebox...Why? Because it looked like a giant shoebox. After narrowly avoiding becoming one of the youngest house presidents ever, Jeff graduated and spent the next 7 years in the Real Estate Industry as a Sales Manager. Constantly thinking of his desire to take over the world with his older brother(Dan), Jeff followed his love of cars to open 425 Motorsports. He is passionate about humor and enjoying the lighter side of life. When not at work you  might find Jeff snowboarding, playing in a team sport like kickball or riding his pet dragon while vanquishing Evil.

Nails on the Chalkboard:  Waking up early, reality, black holes

Tickled Pink:  Movies (as long as they’re good), Sunny afternoons by the lake, long walks on the beach, delicious food! 


  Chris, Sales Executive at 425 Motorsports

Chris, Sales Executive

I was born and Raised In Kent WA. Growing up I was always involved in team sports such as football, rugby,snowboarding and motocross. It was auto-shop in high school that turned me on to wrenching on my own vehicles with the intent of making them faster. After high school I moved down to California to attend the Universal Technical Institute. I finished my training in early 2010 out of the Phoenix, AZ campus.

After graduation I returned to Kent to become a Ford Master Technician. While working at Ford I started working again on my, 300zx Twin turbo. Once, that vehicle was road worthy again I turned my attention to drifting at Evergreen Speedway, in there Grassroots Drifting program. It did not take long for me to acquire a few sponsors ( 425 Motorsports being the first) and I began competing in Formula Drift. I acquired a new vehicle for Evergreen Speedway's Formula Drift Pro-Am Program.

Now, almost 4 years of happily working for the same Ford dealer I felt it  was time to immerse myself in the racing community. 425 Motorsports was the answer. I am surrounded daily by what I love most. I continually learn something new every day and I am not only pursuing my automotive/drifting dreams but helping others follow theirs! 

Nails on chalkboard : "Doubter's" =People who do not believe in their own or someone's potential. 
Tickled Pink : Hanging with my best friends/crew. Driving with friends and other car enthusiast where the destination is not the point of the drive. Drifting of course and learning more about other forms of automotive racing and drivers.


Jaclyn, Marketing/Event Manager

Path to 425 Motorsports....follow the bread crumbs. BS, Emphasis in Art Studio Painting from Southern Oregon University, Bank Teller (Yes, the artist needed to eat..reality check), then moved back to Seattle, Residential & Commercial Concrete Staining, Marketing Assistant for Insurance Company,Designer-CAD drawings working on large condo projects in greater Seattle area, Executive Assistant ...still with me? Then one day a phone call from Jennifer letting me know that they were going to open 425 Motorsports...she asked the question “Are you in?” My response “You Bet”! 

 Nails on the Chalkboard: Mispronounced words, poor manners and grumpy people.

 Tickled Pink: Cooking, wine with good conversation, a fantastic book, giving doggies belly rubs and of course anything  Artistic!


Mitch Fabrication Specialist at 425 Motorsports

Mitch, Fabrication Specialist 

Born and raised in Seattle, and where I plan to stay! For as long as I can remember I've had a ridiculous passion for anything with wheels that moves, and could move fast!  Before I was even old enough to drive or buy my own car I was constantly tinkering with small motors and researching cars.  It was evident for me at a young age that not only were cars a passion and sense of creativity, but what I wanted to be around in a career. From my first experience seeing welding I was beyond intrigued, and that's where I ended up going to Renton Tech for welding/fabrication and landed myself here!  Besides work and automobiles, I spend a good chunk of time exploring the outdoors with friends, whether cruising around on my streetbike and car, or in the mountains with my jeep. 

Nails on the chalkboard:  Traffic to and from work, breaking car parts, and waking up
Tickled pink: Go-fast parts, cars lowered beyond drivability, good food and good company


Ian, Fabrication Specialist


Juan, Shipping & Receiving